Over The Din

I have been reading Gwyneth’s fine comment about how I speak from a place that isn’t the text, but is the meaning between, a place hard for others to go.

It reminds me of Kiki, who also lives between.

Sounds a little bit like white noise doesn’t it, ladies and gentlemen?

Fa La La La La La!

But you know, I feel like I was sent to this planet with a mission.

And my mission is to shout out above the din of the white noise.

And every every now and then, I feel this bright light comes down from the heavens; past my head, past my throat, past my bosoms, past my hips, past my knees, down to the tips of my finely polished toenails.

And then it begins to work its way out, ladies and gentlemen.

When that happens, I feel (cough) I have no, I feel I have no, I feel I have no (grunt), I just I have no choice, I just have to (grunt) let it out.

And I feel one of those moments coming upon me right noooooow, Nowwwww, nowwww

Don’t Get Too Comfortable!

Kiki DuRane (Justin Bond), “Why?”
Kiki & Herb Will Die For You At Carnegie Hall,

Kiki and Herb: The Second Coming

Somehow, that cacophony calms me down.

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