Happy Transsexual, Happy Transsexual

[Candis] Cayne, a transsexual performer who plays the transsexual mistress of William Baldwin‘s politico character on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, revealed during her cabaret act on Saturday that she’s going to a guest on Barbara Walters’ chat show this Friday.
Cayne told the crowd at Eleven in West Hollywood she’ll do her best to zip it when she comes face-to-face with Ms. Hasselbeck, because her “first instinct” is to give the conservative cohost quite the tongue lashing.
Cayne has a special mantra to keep herself in check. “Happy transsexual, happy transsexual,” she announced to laughter and applause.

Planet Gossip

If Candis, as beautiful & sexy as she is, knows that she can’t just pass as female and needs to walk in the world as a transsexual — as a happy transsexual, to be sure — then why should any other tranny assume that they can hide?

Lets all chant: “Happy transsexual, happy transsexual, happy transsexual, happy transsexual, Yes!

Just Leave Them On The Porch.

I was peeved yesterday morning.  For some reason, the garbage men didn’t take the recycling I put out, though they took everyone else’s.

I dragged the blue bins back in.

Then, last night, my sister called from her printmaking course at Cripple U.  They need more old newspapers.


She didn’t want to see me, though, and asked if I could just put them on the porch.   She hasn’t seen me anytime during this break.

I did as she asked.