To Get An Overview Of This Blog

I am the shadow my words make, the meaning that I try to convey though the manipulation of a set of 26 symbols.

I’m aware that people may find this blog and not know where to look to get an overview.

Here are some posts that I think get to the heart of me.  Click on the post title to see that post.

And if you need to mail me, Callan at Transpractice dot Com will work.

2 thoughts on “To Get An Overview Of This Blog”

  1. Callan — If you’re wondering why I’m leaving messages at 3 a.m., I returned to work Monday, a day early. My vacation was scheduled to end Tuesday morning, but was cut short because of calls/e-mails from my boss last week during SCC. The place went to shit while I was gone, and the October issue, which was set to “drop” at noon Thursday, did not look like it would make it on time. “Would I come in Monday, and then take Friday off in exchage?”

    Well, yes, I did. The issue dropped on time, and so I’m off tomorrow.

    Hence the late night prowling of your blog. (Lola mentioned it to me earlier this evening in a phone conversation.)

    Friday, lunch with my friend Meri Griswold and later in the afternoon, I’m off to Asheville, N.C. for the weekend.

    My brother Michael has developed a scary allergy to bee stings — yellow jackets and wasps in particular. Early last summer, working under the eaves of his house, he was stung and went very quickly into anaphylactic shock. Full cardiac arrest in four minutes.

    Two weeks ago Sunday, Michael and his 9y.o., my niece, Margaret, were lined up with 500 runners in some remote mountain meadow to start a cross-country 5K run. He was stung five times less than four minutes from the start.

    MCM was in a complete cardiac and respiratory arrest by the time his friends dragged him back to the medical tent at the start (followed by a weeping daughter). Thank god there was an EMT standing by, and a stab with epinephrine saved his life. He was dead only a minute or two, so no brain damage.

    Suffice to say it’s been a rough few weeks for MCM (Michael Christopher Murphy, a good C.B.A. grad and BFA out of Alfred College, Orleans, NY).

    I’m heading up to the mtns. Fri. afternoon, and Michael, our brother Dennis, and I will spend Saturday afternoon and night being siblings. Hanging out.

    Heather and I went up Labor Day (staying with Dennis) and took Margaret for the evening — great fun — custom pizzas — Dennis, H and Marget went crazy with vegtables, goat cheese and feta. Then it was movie night and popcorn.

    The whole point was to enjoy Margaret (Heather is her godmother, I’m godfather…funny how the mandala completes itself) and give Michael and his wife Susan a much-needed date night.

    Heather’s currently in Oregon at a brother’s wedding, a perfect opportunity 4 me to blast up there and visit my friend and brother.

    Michael was very, very, very good to me during my illness. I can’t wait to see him, give him a big hug and just talk and cry a bit.


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