Lookie Here

Ms. Kate_S34s at Yahoo has chosen one of my quotes as her favourite!

When you see your life as a series of stories,
you will understand your life as a series of performances.
Callan Williams

I have long said that my goal was to be quoted by others as I quote other people. I guess I am done now.

A correspondent noted “You are very mysterious. Are you perchance Callie Addams?

Ah, yes, we know so few trannies in the world. I have been getting naked on the net for over a decade, and I am still invisible.

But if you have known me for any time, you know that question made me laugh.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

FYI: My father & I were at the hospital until midnight, when we left my mother who they wanted to look at for intestinal bleeding & heart problems, along with a bladder infection & high blood pressure. My father has a doctors appointment today because his oncologist is concerned about high blood pressure before treating the reccurance of prostate cancer that is now hormone refractory. Life is facing death.

One thought on “Lookie Here”

  1. And at http://profiles.yahoo.com/marcie_summers

    Favorite Quote: The big division in the gender community is between those who are working hard to be something and those who are working hard to be nothing at all. Callan Williams


    When you can’t be intimate with yourself,
    revealing your deepest truths,
    how do you ever expect to be intimate with another human
    or with God, for that matter?
    — Callan Williams

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