I wrote this inspiring piece on rebirth this morning, about hips and dancing and Elaine Strich and death & birth together.

WordPress reported it posted, but then went down for hours (or minutes, as the techies said, though the minutes were easily counted in multiples of sixty.)

During that time, I had a frustrating day making meals, having people not show up on schedule, then being peeved that things weren't ready when they wanted them.  It was hard and painful. is back, but apparently my post was too fresh to be backed up.   Gone.

WordPress people did a good job restoring, but me?  Long-Lost, as it has always said above.

What does this mean?  I started off frustrated, it got worse, and the idea that saying something upbeat seems just stupid, because all that effort just gets wiped. 

For me, it's a message from God.  Just give it up.

Clear as a bell.

(BTW, if you ever meet my mother, ask her who that Kellen is…)