Lookie Here

Ms. Kate_S34s at Yahoo has chosen one of my quotes as her favourite!

When you see your life as a series of stories,
you will understand your life as a series of performances.
Callan Williams

I have long said that my goal was to be quoted by others as I quote other people. I guess I am done now.

A correspondent noted “You are very mysterious. Are you perchance Callie Addams?

Ah, yes, we know so few trannies in the world. I have been getting naked on the net for over a decade, and I am still invisible.

But if you have known me for any time, you know that question made me laugh.

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FYI: My father & I were at the hospital until midnight, when we left my mother who they wanted to look at for intestinal bleeding & heart problems, along with a bladder infection & high blood pressure. My father has a doctors appointment today because his oncologist is concerned about high blood pressure before treating the reccurance of prostate cancer that is now hormone refractory. Life is facing death.