Process Bitch

The Blonde Bombshell was driving last night, so I had the joy of a call.  TBB was smiling because she was at dinner at a friend's house and a lovely, mature Polish woman in the area who had just started experimenting with women sat across from her.

"She thought I was fascinating and smiled at me," TBB said.  "We have so many interests in common!  Imagine this: she takes her kids to Broadway shows and I take my kids to Broadway shows!  I'd love to see her again, as a friend or more, but the one thing I know I can't do is the usual thing: overwhelm her with flowers and a big dinner and such."

"I hope for your sake that she is a process bitch," I said.

"Process Bitch?" TBB asked.

"There are people who love performance because they love to be amazed.  There are people who like to perform because they like to fool people.  They are illusion people, wanting them or wanting to create them.

"But some people, some people, love both the performance and the performer, both the illusion and the creation, both the amazement and the humanity.  Those people basically love the process of expression.  They see both the art and the artist, value both the work and the process, and they are the fun ones.

"The people who want to be amazed, well they are just the rubes who stay in the illusion.  And the people who perform to fool people, well, they hate people who see through their illusion. But the people who love the process, well, they want to be better, to learn and embrace.  They are the fun ones."

"Yeah," TBB said.  "I hope she is a process bitch.  But truthfully, if the past is any indicator, this relationship isn't going to go anyplace anyway."

"Well, at least you are a process bitch," I told her.  "And that makes you always a delight."