Thanks For Passion

working on a table grace for today:

On this thanksgiving, let us give thanks for not only the staff of life — the bread, warmth, & health we are grateful for everyday — but also for the flavor of life — the tang, the passion, the joy and the delight that exist in the world.

It is important to be grateful for the sustenance that sustains subsistence,  but vital to be grateful to the spark that gives us life, life that lets us grow, develop and be engaged & alive in every moment.

On this thanksgiving, let us celebrate the joys of life, honoring and affirming the desires and drives that keep us curious and keep us climbing towards greater heights, greater focus, greater energy, greater knowledge, greater relationship with creation, and greater exuberance in expressing and creating our own experience of life, and in sharing that exuberance of creation with others.

Let us celebrate the joys that those we love bring into the world, affirming and encouraging them to season every season by brining forth the gifts their creator placed inside of them.

Today, we give thanks not just for the necessities of life, but also for the possibilities of life, for our ability to create and to be better in every day.   Thanks for a creator who gave us this spark, and thanks for people around us who turn that spark into tangible energy that lights the world with joy, exuberance and delight.



It is impossible to be a gay man or a lesbian without wanting to be part of the group.  “An army of ex-lovers cannot fail.”

It is impossible to be a tranny without wanting to leave the group, to claim your own path.

And until lesbian and gay politico types understand that, they will never understand why the soothing techniques that work so well on gays and lesbians will not work on trannys, who are, by definition, their own hard-headed people.