D/F, T/C

You won’t believe this, but when i look at myself in the mirror, I see all my weakest spots.  I mean, I see where the foundation doesn’t cover the places where my beard is turning black (everything else is turning grey, except along the fu-manchu line, which is going black — what’s up with that?), where … Continue reading D/F, T/C

Resisting Calling To the Point Of Self Destruction

The Private Story What’s the opposite of life affirming? Life denying? Life erasing? Life destroying? Catharsis isn’t always healing. That was a surprise to the people at Kripalu Yoga Center in the Berkshires who ran a bizarre mixture of Ashram Light and  “Inner Child” pop psychology called “Inner Quest Intensive.” Luckily, though, they didn’t have … Continue reading Resisting Calling To the Point Of Self Destruction


Every writer is shaped by the restrictions placed on them.  These may be as broad as having to write in English to the expectations of the audience for the genre being written Knowing the rules is always the way to know where breaking the rules might be effective, opening up more space.   Operating without rules … Continue reading Factual