Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2015

It’s November.  Time to get a draft prepared. . . On this Transgender Day of Remembrance, what memories are we here to share? There is a list of transpeople who we know were murdered this year, the tip of an iceberg globally. These are lives brutally cut short which are worthy of remembering.  They struggled … Continue reading Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2015

Like Us

The problem with neuro-diverse people, with those of us who have minds that work in other than neuro-typical ways, is that the people who are like us aren’t really like us. Neuro-typical people are neuro-typical because their minds all work in typical ways.  They understand each other quickly, know how to support each others choices. … Continue reading Like Us


I was watching “The Blues Brothers” and a show on Westminster Abbey, where English royalty is crowned. The connection between the moment, hidden from viewers, where the incoming monarch is anointed with oil from the holy land, and the moment where Elwood is touched by a beam of light through a stained glass window, struck … Continue reading Callings

Relationship Defined

“If male-to-female transgenders are called “transwomen,” should male-to-female transgender fathers be called “transmothers” ?” — Father’s Day post on a crossdressers blog Absolutely not.  You may change your identification in the world, but you can’t easily change your child’s identification of you, or change your responsibility to them. Once a father, always a father, at … Continue reading Relationship Defined