Emotional Support

Every transperson needs emotional support. That’s true of every human, of course, but transpeople face emotional challenges different than their family of origin, different from their peers.  In fact, those challenges often include having to help those around them negotiate the emotional issues that this culture builds around transgender issues for everyone.   We don’t just … Continue reading Emotional Support


Maybe, the best way to know any given transperson is to know where they are stuck. It’s what we can’t seem to get away from of that defines us. There are many reasons why we can’t move forward. One important reason is because we love other people and want to stay connected to them, even … Continue reading Stuck

Are You Ready For Community?

Are You Ready For Community? by: Callan Williams Tribes exist when people share a heritage. Religions exist when people share belief stories. Communities exist when people share priorities. Through most of human history, we have lived in groups where all these three were shared — heritage, belief, and priorities. We had common ancestors, common beliefs … Continue reading Are You Ready For Community?