“Well, I just couldn’t take the passive role,” said a guy talking about relationships. “Do you really want a passive partner?”  I asked.   He didn’t think so. “I prefer the word ‘receptive,’”  I offered.  The women in the circle smiled and nodded their heads in agreement.  They understood that their role as women wasn’t to … Continue reading Receptive


When I look at my middle period writings — the stuff from around 1994 to 2000 — I see one key question that seeds through all of it. (For the record, while I wrote bad trans fiction as early as 1973, some of it published in Female Impersonator News out of Belmar, New Jersey, my … Continue reading Period

Status Quo

I am, she said, desperately, desperately, desperately resisting returning to the status quo. For me, that’s what not changing my shirt for a week, sleeping on the floor, not eating at table are about; emphasizing discomfort and emphasizing the need for change. But, but, but I see few ways to claim new. September, maybe. Ouch.