ShamanGal thought it would be explosive, unforgettable, thundering, traumatic. She imagined the moment when her defences would drop and everything would change.   She imagined it as cataclysmic, almost apocalyptic, a seismic shift of world shaking proportions that would mark her forever. It didn’t happen like that, though. It was her first Monday at the new … Continue reading Shattering


TBB thinks I have the idea of “normal” wrong. To her, normal isn’t some model of what would be good and what wouldn’t be good. Being normal just means being comfortable in her skin and her world. When she decided to transition, she abanoned hope of being normative, blending in somehow.  Rather, she committed herself … Continue reading Re-Normal


The heaviest burden I carry is the possibility of you changing. I know that in order to truly be a force for transformation, I have to be willing and able to encourage & embrace change wherever it occurs. Every change is a step towards something better, even if it is one of the proverbial two … Continue reading Burden