Body Break

My body betrayed me. The arc of a human life is usually to start by being embodied, sensing the world around you and feeling your responses to it, then to gain wisdom & perspective as you age, learning to keep sensations in a more thoughtful context, growing your mind and your story. For me, though, … Continue reading Body Break


I see the crowd of lesbians, all happily catching up with each other at the bar. There must be over 50 of them there. I see the crowd of lesbians, here in the nice resturant with the hors d’oevure buffet set out. And I can’t think of anything I want to say to them that … Continue reading Crowd


I’m fascinated by the issue of hormones in transland. Many transpeople locate great power in hormone, believing that the changes they go through are all due to hormones, that hormones are what make the difference between the sexes. There is some truth to this, of course. We can see the physical differences.  But as part … Continue reading Induced