Our Story

Miz Ruby wants me to understand that I am not alone, that I need to trust my connection to others, and their connection to me.  I have trouble finding people who engage my story, rather than seeing it as some reflection of their own story. You seem to want people — everybody, or just one … Continue reading Our Story

Body Break

My body betrayed me. The arc of a human life is usually to start by being embodied, sensing the world around you and feeling your responses to it, then to gain wisdom & perspective as you age, learning to keep sensations in a more thoughtful context, growing your mind and your story. For me, though, … Continue reading Body Break

Virtual Sick

It was almost 20 years ago now.  I was chatting with an Australian while I was down there building a big e-mail system. “You know, in the future, we will be able to share things electronically.” “Yes,” I said.  “That’s good.” “We will have virtual world to enter from anywhere.” “Yes,” I said.  “That’s good.” … Continue reading Virtual Sick

Moms and Moms

You can’t tell the mothers just by looking.   They reveal themselves in their choices. I just read about the origins of cognitive therapy, where “Therapy may consist of testing the assumptions which one makes and looking for new information that could help shift the assumptions in a way that leads to different emotional or behavioral … Continue reading Moms and Moms

Fire & Ice

Trans is hot. It is a wild white heat in your heart, burning Eros that calls you to break the mould, cross the lines, break the boundaries to claim your own essential truth beyond norms and expectations. This culture, though, is cool. It expects a tame chill compliance, a frosty bearing, a kind of insulated … Continue reading Fire & Ice

You Don’t Understand!

“You just don’t understand!” every teenager eventually moans to their parent. “You couldn’t possibly understand!   You clearly don’t feel it deeply, like I do!   If you did, you wouldn’t be so callous and dismissive, saying that I will get over it!   This is real, real, real and deeper than you can imagine!” When emotions sweep … Continue reading You Don’t Understand!


On the old TV show, I was interviewing a runner and mentioned that I rode bicycles. He just snorted. When I asked him why, he was clear. “A bicycle carries its own momentum,” he told me.  “You can rest for a moment and keep on moving.   Running, on the other hand, takes focus in every … Continue reading Momentum