Scarcity Captures The Mind

Scarcity captures the mind. The experience of living with scarcity doesn’t just affect the decisions we make, it actually alters the way we think in time frames much, much faster than it takes for conscious thought.   Scarcity isn’t something we can overcome with willpower; scarcity captures the mind. Scarcity consumes bandwidth in the brain, reprogramming … Continue reading Scarcity Captures The Mind

Good Grief

My doctor is changing their patient portal, so it was suggested I download my charts for archiving.   One diagnosis in the list caught my eye. Grief. It’s on there because they know I directly cared for my parents in their last decade. I don’t think, though, my doctor understands how grief is part of the … Continue reading Good Grief


“Save Me!   Save Me!” I have heard that cry from many over the decades as they desperately wanted someone or something to ease their pain, assuage their loss, focus their energy, unlock their possibilities and heal their tortured soul. Like any healer, though, the best I could do is offer some comfort, clear away some … Continue reading Salvation

Eat It

Do I eat my feelings? Of course I do. What are the other choices?  I have tried to share my feelings for my entire life and ended up being told that I was too intense, too overwhelming, too queer, too confusing, too challenging, too weird. Sometimes that meant people just walking away and sometimes it … Continue reading Eat It