Holidays are for sharing. They are moments when we come together and share ourselves; stories we shouldn’t forget, principles we value, relationships that formed us, beliefs that strengthen us, connections that feed us, people that we love. It is this sharing in a moment out of time that makes holy days and holidays very special … Continue reading Holidaze

Trans-Empowerment: Believing In Yes

I often do the exercise of imagining what I might say if I got a chance to speak to a specific audience, so I was just spit balling a presentation for Connecticut Trans Advocacy Coalition’s Transgender Lives Conference which focuses on clinical professionals and transpeople. Trans-Empowerment: Believing In Yes Trans people grow up being taught … Continue reading Trans-Empowerment: Believing In Yes

Jagged Joy

Who is binary anyway? I know that some transpeople identify as “non-binary,”  but is anyone really binary?   Do they have an exact opposite somewhere, some kind of anti-them who they can pair off with to complete a binary? Humans are “jagged,” to use the term Todd Rose uses in his “The End Of Average.” … Continue reading Jagged Joy


When I look at my middle period writings — the stuff from around 1994 to 2000 — I see one key question that seeds through all of it. (For the record, while I wrote bad trans fiction as early as 1973, some of it published in Female Impersonator News out of Belmar, New Jersey, my … Continue reading Period