Shattered Film

We are encouraged, in this culture, to create a movie in our mind. In that film, we see the course of life as imagination, all our hopes and dreams and wishes, all the expectations that come with us following the rules and growing up to be who we should be, the person who is the … Continue reading Shattered Film

Scary Out

Halloween is the high holiday for crossdressers.  It isn’t a good day for all other transpeople, though. Back in the 1990s, I gave a blurb for the local trans groups Halloween party to the gay & lesbian council’s newsletter. “I fixed your piece,” the president told me.   “You said the event was a kickoff to … Continue reading Scary Out


The internet access was terminated, leaving me even more off the grid. It felt like just another freeing loss.   I may have spent a lot of time coming for inputs and offering my voice, but those two pieces were profoundly disconnected.   My voice was offering diminishing returns and the crap I found was just more … Continue reading Goulash

Woman Shop

Yes.  It’s a curated compilation of all the brands ever mentioned by Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and their friends. On one level this clip makes me very happy, because I see characters I enjoy enjoying the lush symbology of the market economy.   They know that the choices they make define them, know that in … Continue reading Woman Shop


I ended up choosing from two meetups yesterday afternoon.  The Pagans were celebrating the March full moon at one Unitarian Church, while at the other, the Freethinkers were gathering to hear a presentation on a rational God. The local Freethinking Community has two goals.  One is to promote freethinking, the ability engage deep questions rather … Continue reading Freethinking