Flock That

There was a time that social services came with a catch. To get what you needed, you had to show that you could be saved by whatever doctrine the organization which provided the services held as sacred and true. To get a bowl of soup and a mat for the night, the prayer service was … Continue reading Flock That

Still You

“I have been looking at my own choices in a new way,” my sister’s friend, taking care of her 89 year old father said, “and letting go of some old defensive habits that don’t really serve me. “Still, I sometimes find myself sometimes getting caught up now and then, but I remember what you said. … Continue reading Still You

Woman Shop

Yes.  It’s a curated compilation of all the brands ever mentioned by Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and their friends. On one level this clip makes me very happy, because I see characters I enjoy enjoying the lush symbology of the market economy.   They know that the choices they make define them, know that in … Continue reading Woman Shop


I ended up choosing from two meetups yesterday afternoon.  The Pagans were celebrating the March full moon at one Unitarian Church, while at the other, the Freethinkers were gathering to hear a presentation on a rational God. The local Freethinking Community has two goals.  One is to promote freethinking, the ability engage deep questions rather … Continue reading Freethinking