Wild Authenticity, Tame Performance

For me, the false duality is authentic vs performative. This is something that many transwomen who want to see themselves as sincere, earnest and honest put out there.  Their trans expression is authentic but drag is performative, just a not-real put on which mocks women, especially transwomen. They want their choices to be seen as … Continue reading Wild Authenticity, Tame Performance


All the world is a stage and all the people merely players. In the end, you have to produce yourself.  Create your own venue.  Build your own audience. Performance requires performance.  Fake it until you make it is the key advice.  Even George Washington found his beat by following a book of rules about roles. … Continue reading Performance


The Doctor had a sex change. Now that they are in the body of actress Jodie Whittaker, Doctor Who is a woman.  Reviewers praise the performance, saying the 13th Doctor now has “malleable status,” moving from palsy to authoritative as needed, not staying in as fixed a role as a man might. “You don’t look … Continue reading Unanchored

Make Art

What do we do with the parts of ourselves that we have been taught are too intense, too overwhelming, too queer to show in polite society?   Where do we put the aspects of our nature that people have told us are just too big to fit in, too strange to be acceptable, too risky to … Continue reading Make Art

Moms and Moms

You can’t tell the mothers just by looking.   They reveal themselves in their choices. I just read about the origins of cognitive therapy, where “Therapy may consist of testing the assumptions which one makes and looking for new information that could help shift the assumptions in a way that leads to different emotional or behavioral … Continue reading Moms and Moms


“Save Me!   Save Me!” I have heard that cry from many over the decades as they desperately wanted someone or something to ease their pain, assuage their loss, focus their energy, unlock their possibilities and heal their tortured soul. Like any healer, though, the best I could do is offer some comfort, clear away some … Continue reading Salvation


“How did you ever make it up here on these?” the mechanic asked me as he threw my old tires onto the scrap pile.  “They have almost no tread left.” I thought about Tupperware. Outside, the wet snow continued to pile up on the roads, with a good four inches already fallen and more on … Continue reading Traction