“It’s not the frivolity of women that makes them so intolerable. It’s their ghastly enthusiasm.” — Horace Rumpole, “Rumpole Of The Bailey” (John Mortimer) When you are a delightful gamine creature, enthusiasm is seen as a charming affectation. When you are a big, hulking lug, though, enthusiasm is seen as a terrifying potential lack of … Continue reading Impassioned

Holiday 11

It’s like Christmas in North Carloina here, temps in the 40s and sunny on Christmas Eve.  I’m actually in a pretty good mood here cracking up Feliz Navidad — the live Tropical version — and dancing. But I know when my parents get back from their afternoon jaunt, things go back to bland, no stereo … Continue reading Holiday 11

Even More

On Friday, my mother got her diagnosis of degnerative joint disease of the spine, with one disc already hernieated. We don’t know what this means other than what her doctor said: “really bad, really bad.” Her appointment with the orthopedist is after she comes back from her Winter Jaunt. But it looks to be a … Continue reading Even More