TBB is right, of course. My sister took my parents to my nephew's soccer game, and I got a call that they were all coming back for dinner in 15 or 20 minutes, and I needed to order Chinese. I got tight.  I did it, but switching back to do that was hard.  I couldn't … Continue reading Leap

TDOR 2020: Stories & Scars

Stories & ScarsCallan WilliamsTransgender Day of Rememberance 2020 Rememberingso many transpeopleso many storiesemergence and paintranscendence and lossjoy and strugglebecoming beyond constraint Beneath all storiesso many storiesdefensive and fantastictimid and bolddenied and braverationalized and realclinging and leaping Beneath always beatsalways beatsa heart lit by fireof incandescent truthof essence bornof deep knowledgeof hidden threadsof callingof longingof volcanic … Continue reading TDOR 2020: Stories & Scars


One of the things I added to support group meetings, along with beach balls, was applause. When someone told a story about doing something bold and brave, I started the applause, with the room quickly joining in. It’s a quick and simple way for the group to affirm courage, both in the storyteller and in … Continue reading Spiny

Make Art

What do we do with the parts of ourselves that we have been taught are too intense, too overwhelming, too queer to show in polite society?   Where do we put the aspects of our nature that people have told us are just too big to fit in, too strange to be acceptable, too risky to … Continue reading Make Art


I am beginning to suspect that there are only so many times that you can save your own life. For straight people, the ones who take well travelled paths, this never really becomes a big problem.   They love the idea of a little bit of reinvention in their lives, something to spice up the daily. … Continue reading Nine


“Save Me!   Save Me!” I have heard that cry from many over the decades as they desperately wanted someone or something to ease their pain, assuage their loss, focus their energy, unlock their possibilities and heal their tortured soul. Like any healer, though, the best I could do is offer some comfort, clear away some … Continue reading Salvation

How Hard

No one can possibly know how hard something is to do until they have mastered it or something similar for themselves. This is why masters are effective in the role of teacher.   They have made the mistakes, done the work, understand what is required to help another find their own mastery. Today, though, placing value … Continue reading How Hard


Every teenager believes they created the world from scratch.   No one has ever felt like they do, for their first times, first challenges, first feelings are the first that ever existed in their own world. Adolescents have to create themselves, assembling a new identity.   They don’t have the time, intention or capacity to wonder … Continue reading Scratch