Price Of Prophecy

All you need to do to be a prophet is to listen more to the still, small voice of your creator, leading from the voice that transcends nice, compliant normalcy. This doesn’t necessarily make you a good prophet, as the voice you hear might be twisted, dark, ego laden, full of pain & vengeance and … Continue reading Price Of Prophecy

Safe Reveal

“I think it’s about intimacy,” performance guy said to me.  “I think you don’t feel safe being intimate with other people, in spirit, in mind, in heart, in body.  And I think that causes pain for you.” Duh.    Isn’t that the very explication of “the loneliness of a long-lost tranny,” the strapline of this blog … Continue reading Safe Reveal

Helen & I

From: “Callie” To: <> Subject: Going To The Queer Playce Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 06:49:49 -0500 It was lovely meeting you in Burlington. I read your blog entry on the conference, and it is joyous to see someone who is so hepped up about the community. It is when you acknowledge that this isn’t … Continue reading Helen & I

Resisting Calling To the Point Of Self Destruction

The Private Story What’s the opposite of life affirming? Life denying? Life erasing? Life destroying? Catharsis isn’t always healing. That was a surprise to the people at Kripalu Yoga Center in the Berkshires who ran a bizarre mixture of Ashram Light and  “Inner Child” pop psychology called “Inner Quest Intensive.” Luckily, though, they didn’t have … Continue reading Resisting Calling To the Point Of Self Destruction