Heart On

Who is a woman without someone to love? I loved the people assigned to me, my birth family,  in ways that cost me dearly.   That love, though, was at the heart of my feminine nature. And now, I need someone else, something else to love.   This time, though, when I am choosing, I want one … Continue reading Heart On

Weird Kid

I was never able to pass as normative. I was always, clearly and visibly, a weird kid. This isn’t true for all transpeople.   For many of them, they looked fine from the outside, learned how to be popular and appear well assimilated. Me?   Well, not so much.  I told stories on my bus driver when … Continue reading Weird Kid


Keep digging and digging and digging until you find the core, the bedrock, the solid heart of what you think and believe, the nugget at the centre that informs all of your identity. Somewhere under my concierge caretaking, under my love of business, under my theology, under my Jonathan Winters shamanic shape shifting, under my … Continue reading Outsider


Andie MacDowell is just so incredibly good at being Andie MacDowell. I’ve seen her on the new Hallmark Channel series Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove, and that amazing Andie MacDowell-ness is all there; the head tilt, the looking through her lashes, the modulated tone of concern, the growing smile, the toss of those dark corkscrew curls. … Continue reading Poses


OK.   I’m not neurotypical. Of course, that’s why the documentary is called Neurotypical, because the one thing everyone in it can agree on is that they are not neurotypical.   What they are, though, well, that is something they can debate endlessly. It’s the same with transgender.  All the umbrella term means is that we know … Continue reading Spooky