TDOR 2018: Common Transcendence

Common Transcendence It has been said that In cultures where gender is rigidly bi-polar Rituals of gender crossing Remind us of our continuous common humanity. Individuals with hearts connected across Have been part of every culture in every time And are with us today, The challenge of continuous common humanity is the challenge of having … Continue reading TDOR 2018: Common Transcendence


The easiest way to challenge someone whose words challenge you, challenge your beliefs, your feelings, your identity, is to attack their standing to speak, working to remove the authority of their statements. As long as all they offer is the abject ravings of a crackpot, revealing their own jealousy, personal twists and internalized fudge, well, … Continue reading Authority


The Doctor had a sex change. Now that they are in the body of actress Jodie Whittaker, Doctor Who is a woman.  Reviewers praise the performance, saying the 13th Doctor now has “malleable status,” moving from palsy to authoritative as needed, not staying in as fixed a role as a man might. “You don’t look … Continue reading Unanchored