Make Art

What do we do with the parts of ourselves that we have been taught are too intense, too overwhelming, too queer to show in polite society?   Where do we put the aspects of our nature that people have told us are just too big to fit in, too strange to be acceptable, too risky to … Continue reading Make Art

Good Grief

My doctor is changing their patient portal, so it was suggested I download my charts for archiving.   One diagnosis in the list caught my eye. Grief. It’s on there because they know I directly cared for my parents in their last decade. I don’t think, though, my doctor understands how grief is part of the … Continue reading Good Grief


You can’t emerge as trans in the world without leaving home. To become new, moving beyond the expectations your family placed on you from birth,  you have to separate from the old. For many people, this becoming new means becoming part of a new family, finding a new home, a place where the expectations and … Continue reading Homeless


I’m really good in the moment.   I stay focused, listen hard, respond clearly, look calm and centred. It’s afterwards that the stress just pounds me hard, leaving me with symptoms like a huge headache and a need to go into the silence. I had to call in a complaint to a beverage company today, and … Continue reading PTSD