Stow Ick

I am in favour of stoicism.   Learning how to think rather than just feel, to make choices based on balance & priorities rather than just impulse & reaction saved my life.   I believe that as we age, learning to be more stoic helps us be more effective in the role of the parent, the role … Continue reading Stow Ick

Trans-Empowerment: Believing In Yes

I often do the exercise of imagining what I might say if I got a chance to speak to a specific audience, so I was just spit balling a presentation for Connecticut Trans Advocacy Coalition’s Transgender Lives Conference which focuses on clinical professionals and transpeople. Trans-Empowerment: Believing In Yes Trans people grow up being taught … Continue reading Trans-Empowerment: Believing In Yes


Humans, you may have discovered, can run hot and cold. They get all passionate, energized, and they get all distanced, shutting down and isolating themselves. Once they get out of their norms, their standard operating temperatures, you can’t easily predict which way the heat will go, full on or full off. Visible transpeople often take … Continue reading Borosilicate