Not Abjection

If what all trans people share is their abjection — defined as being cast off, degraded, contemptible, defined as the converse of privilege — then who the hell is going to want to identify as trans? For many trans activists, though, this state of abjection is the at heart of their own belief system, and … Continue reading Not Abjection

Sweet Power

“So, do you you want to be powerful or powerless?” “Isn’t there a third answer?” What is the power you desire in the world? What is the responsibility and obligation you dread in the world? What are you willing to stand for and what are you willing to stand against? These are the questions of … Continue reading Sweet Power


I have never, ever been what you might call a hopeful person. My trepidation about all the possible bad outcomes often paralyzes me, which, I regret to say, often leads to worse outcomes. A vivid imagination can really scare you straight, or at least incapacitate you when facing risks. When you are stuck doing things … Continue reading Expecting