Bracing For Blows

I know how I gird for battle. My heart gets locked down hard and my head gets locked in. Instead of using it to guide me, I deploy my heart as a sensor, giving me important messages about both my emotional status and the emotional status of those I am dealing with. By using my … Continue reading Bracing For Blows

In The Blood

Bad morning for me.  I shattered very this morning, struggling to take care of my family and seeing the state of how they have trouble taking care of me, making things much harder, and not considerate. TBB says she knows what the problem is, and she knows the problem because I have told her in … Continue reading In The Blood


So, here’s the point my family doesn’t get about caregiving. To do it well, you actually have to be able to enter the world of the person you are caring for. You can’t expect them just to enter your world, to tell you clearly what they need. What they need isn’t all that clear to … Continue reading Caregiving


You can’t diminish darkness. Darkness is undiminishable. You can, however, increase the light. That will change the balance, and while the darkness will still be there, the light will overcome it. Light doesn’t remove darkness, it only provides light. In the same way, you can’t really decrease sickness. You can only increase health. Sure, you … Continue reading Blessing

No Joy

I sent this out, under the subject “Joy,” a week before I spoke to TBB.  Have you ever seen the tagline of my blog?  It’s “the loneliness of a long-lost tranny.”   I get the loneliness.  I really, really, really believe that the only thing others can do is unlock what is inside of us.  Our great passion is … Continue reading No Joy

Helen & I

From: “Callie” To: <> Subject: Going To The Queer Playce Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 06:49:49 -0500 It was lovely meeting you in Burlington. I read your blog entry on the conference, and it is joyous to see someone who is so hepped up about the community. It is when you acknowledge that this isn’t … Continue reading Helen & I