TDOR 2020: Stories & Scars

Stories & ScarsCallan WilliamsTransgender Day of Rememberance 2020 Rememberingso many transpeopleso many storiesemergence and paintranscendence and lossjoy and strugglebecoming beyond constraint Beneath all storiesso many storiesdefensive and fantastictimid and bolddenied and braverationalized and realclinging and leaping Beneath always beatsalways beatsa heart lit by fireof incandescent truthof essence bornof deep knowledgeof hidden threadsof callingof longingof volcanic … Continue reading TDOR 2020: Stories & Scars

TDOR 2018: Common Transcendence

Common Transcendence It has been said that In cultures where gender is rigidly bi-polar Rituals of gender crossing Remind us of our continuous common humanity. Individuals with hearts connected across Have been part of every culture in every time And are with us today, The challenge of continuous common humanity is the challenge of having … Continue reading TDOR 2018: Common Transcendence