Abstracted Love

Being trans means leaving the system of standardized desire. When people line up “boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl,” we no longer fit easily into that structure. Instead of fitting nicely into the paradigm of seeking — men seeking women, women seeking men, men seeking men, women seeking women — we are other. We demand … Continue reading Abstracted Love

Passion F

Passion is passion.  There is a reason so many battles end in a kiss; the line between love and hate is much, much thinner than the line between love and politeness. Beyond the practical things, like helping with the chores and the budget, what does a woman want from a partner?   Maybe it’s the  three … Continue reading Passion F


My mother wants me to go to the cheap dental clinic and have my teeth fixed. To her, that means rippped out and replaced by false ones. She doesn’t want me to go to be healthy or to avoid pain. She doesn’t want to look at my teeth. It’s the same as hiding the cracks … Continue reading Unsightly

To Love Me

“I love you, Boucha-Boucha!” “You do not really love me. You only think that you love me.” That’s one of the motifs of the little radio drama that plays from me here, the profession of love and the consequent rejection of it, always for good, smart and logical reasons. I know that it’s one of … Continue reading To Love Me


Today was the day that Annie Sprinkle performed at RPI, a place to meet interesting people, the day I had an appointment with Lezlie.  It was the pinnacle, so to speak, and on the other side was packing up and putting myself away. Now today is the day I have the fever & sore throat and … Continue reading Downhill