Divine Surprise

Dear Mother in the Moon Dear Father in the Sun Dear Child in the Stars May you grant us this day The divine gift of surprise of seeing our world and our life in a new and powerful way. Open our eyes Open our minds Open our hearts Open our lives To the new that … Continue reading Divine Surprise


I was watching “The Blues Brothers” and a show on Westminster Abbey, where English royalty is crowned. The connection between the moment, hidden from viewers, where the incoming monarch is anointed with oil from the holy land, and the moment where Elwood is touched by a beam of light through a stained glass window, struck … Continue reading Callings


“Congratulations!” I told the cashier in the dollar store. “Why are you congratulating me?” she asked. “You just told me that you were doing pretty well,” I said.  “That’s a lot better than you could be doing!  Congratulations!” “I’ve never had anyone congratulate me for doing pretty well before,” she replied, “but yes, it is … Continue reading Celebrant

Are You a Crucifixion Person or a Resurrection Person?

Are You a Crucifixion Person or a Resurrection Person? by: Callan Williams To die and to be reborn. It’s a powerful notion, so powerful and pervasive in human societies that there is no surprise that Christianity puts death and rebirth at the core. And it provides an easy way to take a measure of someone’s … Continue reading Are You a Crucifixion Person or a Resurrection Person?