The theatre darkens, the crowd hushes and TBB comes on stage. She is alone in the light, but next to her is a brick wall.   Turning, she starts to run and throws herself against it. The wall stays firm, just as it does for the next hour and a half as she crashes into it … Continue reading Breathtaking


“I’m witness, I’m bearing witness to what you went through, and you didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t your fault. You are each entitled to your own life. You’re entitled to be a person. You’re entitled to be respected. And you are entitled to be deeply loved. Allright?” “What they all must learn is to trust. … Continue reading Entitled

Guru Gift

So, like years ago I read this book titled  The Hamlet Syndrome: Overthinkers Who Underachieve.  It’s interesting because it pretty clearly describes the syndrome, but it goes haywire when it becomes prescriptive.  The authors haven’t found a way to help these people, but they imagine what might help, and that answer is to narrow their … Continue reading Guru Gift