Bisexual Pride Bit

Was challenged to write a bisexual pride bit for someone. . .

When I was first coming out, I knew that my desire -- my love -- didn't fit neatly in one box or another.   It crossed boundaries that many around me saw as fixed and hard, like somehow the world was defined by either/or, by one or the other, by dark and light, by truth and shadow.

At that time, I thought that this meant that I was bisexual.

As I started to explore my own desire -- my Eros -- I started to let go of standard patterns of relationships.   Moving beyond gender conventions that trapped me and everyone else into "knowing" what people should be because of their reproductive biology, their genitals, I found pleasure and power in taking people as I met them, embracing them as individuals rather than assuming who they "should" be.

At that time, I thought this meant I was bisexual.

Freeing up my love didn't just free my choice of partners, it freed up my mind, my expectations and my own heart.   I was able to explore my own nature, reflected through the kaleidoscope of those I met who were open to the possibilities inherent in the rainbow of humanity.   I moved beyond my own expectations of who I could be, performing new ways of being loving in the world.

At that time, I thought this meant I was bisexual.

The emergence of my own feminine heart led me to a wider public expression of my own truth, my essence affirmed and supported by those who loved beyond boundaries.   As a transgender woman, I knew that my lovers had to be in touch with their own bisexuality, able to love all of me beyond gender boundaries, meeting me as the individual that I am just as I met them beyond projecting my own expectations on them.

Today, I know that means I am bisexual, needing love beyond boundaries and assumptions.

Bisexuality allowed me to explore the rainbow, not just the rainbow in my partners, but also the rainbow in my own heart.  Bisexuality gave me the ground and the confidence to claim my own nature even where it crosses conventions, and my bisexual partners are able to transcend, to love someone as they are, not just as how we would have them be.

I know that I am bisexual because I own the rainbow in my own heart and because I delight in the unique rainbows I find in my partner's hearts.   

That's why we are here today, because transcendent bisexuality means we celebrate the rainbow in every heart, celebrate the rainbow in our own heart.

Today I know that I am bisexual because I let the rainbow in my heart shine, because I see the rainbow in your heart too.

Are you ready to be bisexual and own the rainbow?