At this celebration of a new year, what I wish for you, what I wish for the world, what I wish for myself is a new and profound celebration of communion.

Communion is sharing, intimate sharing on many levels.   Communion binds us with the people next to us, with the spirit, with tradition, binding up and healing all the parts, including the disparate and warring parts of ourselves.

It is so easy to be in the world, to be with others, to have some awareness of bigger and yet still not commune with all those lovely, challenging and terrifying parts.   We build walls out of fears, playing at keeping separate & isolated, all in a desperate effort not to be enlightened, energized and transformed by the awesome & fragile power of communion.

The moment when when we engage in real communion sizzles with an arc of power, bridging between our mind and another is always a moment of energetic opening.   We are no longer just ourselves, instead we are inducted into a shared spark, opened to a new way of experience.

Is there any question why we crave communion, crave the physical, emotional, mental and creative connection with a power outside of us?

Is there any question why we fear communion, fear the intrusion, the opening, the risk and the demands of connecting with a power outside our limited control?

We cannot be laid bare and exposed without being changed, but we cannot embrace the power of love without the willingness to be transformed.

Learning to delight in the bits of ourselves that we have so long tried to hide, feeling the intensity of being seen, called out or adored for what lies deep and heavily compartmentalized within ourselves is not easy, but it is the way we open to the gifts our creator put inside of us, washing away the false and revealing the profound, quirky, queer and beautiful.

The communion you need is the communion you need, intense connection blowing away old fears to become fresh and revelatory again as we master our own power in the world.   Congress, congregation, conversation, conversion, concentration and other forms of focused interaction are all required for a human life grounded in convivial connection.

That communion, though, is the way that a darkly divided & alienated world can come back to discovering that what connects us is so infinitely more important than what separates us.   Only by really engaging in communion, not as rote ritual or imposed fundamentalism but as bare vulnerability and ecstatic commitment, can we move beyond fear, rage and sectarianism.

Coming into communion with those who look and think differently than we do demands the willingness to find connection that facilitates cooperation.   Respect starts the process, moving from demanding insistence & imposition to effective interaction & conciliation.

In my view, communion is needed as much now as it ever has been.    We seem to have lost the dignity & collegiality which is required to come together and form strong, diverse and robust communities.   If we want to care for each other, want to make the world we share better for the children we adore, we have to work in harmony.

Communion is needed, beyond sect and separation, confirming the ties we each have beyond our comfort and our control.   We need to see and be seen, penetrating others with our own energy while letting our own hearts and minds be penetrated.  Webs of energy, networks of light, ganglions of understanding, flows of respect, touches of love.

The need for deep, essential communion, the kind that rocks our world and leaves us wanting a smoke afterwards, is laced into our primal humanity.   The erotic charge of sharing deeply, of falling into the connection between ourselves and something bigger than we can be ourselves, bigger than we can imagine, is deep within us.

No matter how much we have learned not to expect communion, not to believe that if we open others will open to us, leading to delight & revelation, the spark inside which needs that elemental connection is inextinguishable, ready to be kindled in the right conditions and always existing as a flickering longing beneath our jaded carriage.

At this celebration of a new year, what I wish for you, what I wish for the world, what I wish for myself is a new and profound celebration of communion.  We need a reason to polish our act, to put our best face on, to show all we have so we can feel seen, understood, affirmed and valued.   We need a space to put all of us on the line, becoming new by going back to the essentials, dropping our calloused armour to reveal the tender brilliance we have tried so hard to defend and hide.

Communion affirms our quest towards becoming better, trusting that our presence can make a difference, to others, to community and to ourselves.   Communion strengthens us by knocking away the props & separations, allowing us to take shared strength through the nourishing bonds we celebrate.

May the coming year be full of prosperity & delight for you, but even in the hardest times, may it be threaded with the kind of communion that keeps your heart full and your mind sharp.

In communion, we bring out the power to become new, in respect, in sharing, in cooperation and in love, even in the face of loss & heartbreak.

Divine, human, surprising and energizing communion in your future, making a happy new you in a happy new year.

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