Button Hook

“Put a button on it,” he insisted.  “Tell me what you do in a way that people will understand, have a context, and come to see what you have to offer them.   Clearly, you have a lot to share, but what is the hook, the bit that makes what you offer compelling?”

As much as I resist pigeonholing, if you want to draw people, invite them into your world, they need to have some package to examine, some description that informs their choice.

So, here is a shot:

Change Happens: Lessons From Over The Transom

Change is both the most challenging and the most promising force in life.  It brings us hope and brings us heartbreak, all challenges that go into forging a better, more potent life.  By burning away what isn’t real and true, authenticity comes shining through.

After a lifetime of bold change, Callan Williams is a perfect guide for the challenges you are facing or that you need to face soon.  Her journey beyond conventional boundaries informs the compassion and empowerment that she offers.

Blending the study of traditional wisdom with a sharp wit and translucent vision, Callan shares key lessons for navigating change.   From embracing the miracles that come our way, even if they look like setbacks, to staying playful & present, the tools for making the most of change can transform any life.

If you are facing change now or just want to be better prepared for the changes that can reinvent and reinvigorate your life, the support that “Change Happens” offers can make you stronger, more resilient and ready to move beyond your fears into beautiful new chapters, illuminated by the divine surprises which are just waiting for you to open.

You have always had the knowledge of who you were meant to be, of the you beyond other people’s expectations.  Let Callan help you unlock that bold spirit within, learning to ride the tides of change to places beyond imagination.  With practical and sly techniques, you can use the forces of change to let go of the past and embrace a connected new future.

Transcendent and transformative, terrifying and terrific, Change Happens.  Let Callan help you make the most of it.

One thought on “Button Hook”

  1. It has been a week with no reply, not even a courtesy.

    I could press my case, I suppose, but would that stop others from seeing me as too queer for their room?

    I doubt it.

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