In some cultures, there were three ways to become a shaman. One identified as a shaman early in life, one trains to be a shaman, or your life falls apart and you have to go through the process of creating yourself anew.

Callan has done all three of those things.  As a brilliant transwoman who embarked on a journey of discovery, training and conscious creation, her awakening has been clear, deep and profound.

You can’t learn shamanism from a book, trying to recreate some ancient rituals, like drumming or incantations.   Simply invoking something shamanic from the past does not open the juncture where shamans can negotiate the challenge of being really present right now, in this time and in this world.

Shamans have always been a vibrant and vigorous part of the current culture, using the images and materials at hand to reveal connection, move between worlds seen as separate, and hasten the healing which comes from drawing together in love and not fear.

There are fundamental lessons, basic truths that all shamans end up touching, but the challenge is manifesting those truths in a modern context, using the symbols and stories we share today to reveal continuous, common humanity.

Using wit, insight and the power of the koan to move beyond conventional limits, Callan opens up the possibilities that exist in an alternate future where we trust our heart, our mind and our power rather than feeling constrained by old habits.   The trick of seeing beyond is in the power of imagining our own blossoming, revealing our beauty & brilliance.

Tracing the connections which already exist inside of us, Callan offers both challenge and encouragement, asking us to bring forth the gifts that we have held deep inside.   Mirroring what you have learned to hide allows you to trust the possibility incarnate in you, opening a new future with compassion and tender understanding.

With her corporate and marketing experience, Callan can help you build your stories into effective tools for expanding your life.  After a life of being a change agent, Callan knows how to move beyond fear and playing small into the zones where life is full, rich and powerful.’

In businesses, Callan cuts to the heart of the matter with insightful questions, opening up new ways to see projects and team interaction, offering alternative visions of interactions.  By focusing on process, roadblocks are cleared so the organic gifts of each person go towards contributing to shared success rather than being burned in frustration and friction.  Callan’s deep technical background helps move complex problems to practical solutions.

Cutting through to the core, slicing through walls with elegant words and sharp questions edged with a calming & affirming wit, Callan is a modern shaman, bringing the best of essential human understanding to open paths for new movement, new growth, new healing, new innovation and new life.

Shaman:Kōan:Connection:Callan.   Callan is a modern shaman, bringing affirmation and intelligence to the challenge of moving beyond and invoking the new in the world, beyond the limiting boundaries of convention.