TBB World

TBB lives in a very rich and very full world.

Returning to the Space Coast from her work as Chief Engineer on the Bell M Shimada, Sabrina is right at home.  Staff at restaurants greet her by name, the gang at the airport count on her as one of the gang and her network of friends throughout Brevard County look forward to her company.   Her social life is full.

She has been around for long enough to find clippings with her photo in the lobby at the local theatre society.   A phone call can ask her to speak for inclusion at a school board meeting that night.   She is such a part of this place that there is no surprise she was the first local to be a grand marshal at Space Coast Pride.

Big, bold, blonde and bodacious, TBB’s radiant confidence carries her everywhere.   Always ready to speak her mind, she reaches out with generosity to those around her.

One of those people is her mother, who is following in the path of her mother with serious memory loss.   Sabrina holds her close during the few weeks she is home, making sure she is included in all activities, from meals to bed.  She acutely feels the distance from mom when she is on the ship and her brother follows her from his home near Buffalo.

The big heart of TBB keeps her claiming the life she values so much, keeping her at the centre of a connected web.  By focusing on her own values, she keeps her life clear of clutter and distraction, everything as neat, shipshape and routine as she can make it.   This keeps her ready to engage new challenges, bringing them into line as efficiently as she handles a ship dead in the water with two blown generator sets.

There are moments when you can see her bridle at the limits of her life, as when a peppery novice tries to play host in a theatre that still holds TBBs heart.  Her emergence drew a line in the sand back in the day, blowing up an old life and leading towards a struggle to create a new life from the shards.

Her new life is her focus now, though, one where she has reclaimed professional dignity, the kind of financial standing that allows her to take care others in the way she wants, and a relationship with her children that has grown even stronger.   “Thank you for imbuing me with wicked sense of humour and sharp brain,” her daughter offers as part of joyous birthday wishes that celebrate the presence of TBB in her universe.

Claiming the possible has always been TBB’s clarion call.  As founding chair of the Southern Comfort Conference her sheer energy pulled people to move beyond their fears and do what they thought was impossible, creating opportunities for growth and connection.    Her message of not getting hung up on loss in a way that limits your happiness and your future has always been at the heart of making her way in a world she is sure she has a place in.

The grounding of place and family helps, of course, gifts from her loving parents, given back to her children.    TBB wants her mother not to experience the loss of her memory but rather to bask in the power of love, staying present, starting and ending every day with a hug.

A better life is possible, TBB wants everyone to know, if you just step up and claim what you want and you need.   The past is gone and the present is here, so drink deep of it and revel in the day God has given you.   This is the approach of an immigrant, who lets go of the old to embrace the new, transcending loss to swim in a new sea, succeeding in a new world.

It is the richness and fullness of her world that TBB claims everyday, cruising the causeways in Mom’s Lincoln and loving life to the fullest she can muster.

It’s TBB’s world, and if we are very lucky, she might just invite us to join her in it.