Kaleidoscopic Seduction

What if I had 2 minutes and 15 seconds to wow an audience of aesthetes?

Naked is out.

To come out, to show yourself, is to be exposed.

Without velvet skin in the game, people can't feel the heat, can't grasp the connection, can't feel the pull.

Everyday I get naked.   A shoulder here, a kneecap there, the nape of my neck somewhere else.

Revelation, respect, searching for human-human touch, sight, smell, vision beyond, of melding.   Tongues of presence across the flesh, miniature merging into assurance of hot shared breath across the silken divide.

My brain, my sight, my experience, my scent, my heart all teased on display, offered as vulnerable flow for affirmation, for affection, for assurance.

Naked I get, out in the world, revelling in revelation, suggestive offer to embrace a dance.

Returned, though, comes kaleidoscopic changes, flashes from the inner turmoil of voyeurs.  Through their eyes I see a lenticulated me, all components and captures, all torsion and tension.

I stand naked and they stand tortured.   Glimpses of what their habits desire, sparks of what their ego fears beyond easy boundaries of comfort and pretense.

Lines of my body, toss of my hair, grace of my soul set free beyond conventional desire to a place of twisty and complex humanity.

Clinging to what they know, reflecting me in fears and foibles, pulled to the intensity melting their assumptions.

Heat flares with flashes of torrid exposure, quickly cooled into erratic pools of hardened approach, deeply chilled by alarm at the whiff of transformation.

Naked me meets frozen them, feeling them back away as they seek to cast me in their own screenplay, pushing me into a role already drawn and quartered.

My skin is hot but their touch is cold, denying the torrent and flow of passion within as they have learned to sculpt themselves into normative forms.   They are compelled and terrified towards what lies beyond their tiny expectations, lies in the place beyond, seeping magma of human power beyond dalliance.

Naked is out.  To come out is to show yourself, is to be exposed.

Won't you be the one to get naked with me?

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