Resistance Is Futile

The basic problem with our mother in the sky is that she works in time frames we can only imagine.

As humans, we live day by day, moment by moment.   We face challenges in our own time and our own way, making comfortable and convenient choices, trying to make them stick.

Life, though, isn’t lived in a day, a year, or maybe not even in a lifetime; who knows?   That’s the scale the universe works in though, plenty of time to be relentless, plenty of opportunities to come back to the lessons which just need to be embodied.

We can resist dropping our defences, try holding out to try and make the world work the way that we want it to, try to impose our will on other people to make them heal on our schedule and in the way that we want them to, but in the end, the only thing we have any direct control over is our own choices.

Even then, we only have limited control over our choices because we are who we are, at the place we are at, so not all options are available to us.   We live in context, living in a world where choices must be made in finite reality rather than infinite possibility, where every decision has consequences making chains of effect.

The ripples of the world affect us.  We cannot isolate ourselves from them.  Trying to avoid them completely, struggling to impose our own will over those chains of connection is as impossible as controlling eternity: resistance is futile.

Give me the courage to change what I can, the serenity to accept what I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.

Surrendering to the pain, the drama, the trauma we have resisted entering for so, so long feels like crap.   It feels like loss and it feels like failure.

It is that surrender, though, that moves us along towards growth and healing, blowing the obstacles out of our path, letting light and love in.  When we are driven to our knees, we find transcendence beyond any attempt to control.

Resistance is futile.   The bigger story, the forces of the universe are going to play out no matter how much we get angry, how much we try to deny them, how much we try to bargain with them, how much we try and hide and withdraw from them.   In the end, acceptance is the place of peace and rebirth.

Saying resistance is futile is not the same as saying that fighting is futile.   Surrendering to the situation as it is, seeing clearly, is the first step to being smart about picking your battles, focusing your energy on what you can change and not frittering it away on trying to resist what you cannot alter.

Entering the battle gives you power.  Resisting the fight in front of you leaves you powerless, burning your capacity in a futile dream that somehow, the world will change around you just because you hope it will.

No matter how much you personally resist it, the world will keep on turning.   Death and taxes will come due.   And the universe will keep offering you the same lessons until you are ready to learn them.

Resistance is futile.   You are going to have to do the work sometime, no matter how much it terrifies you, bringing up all your stuff.

Why not do it today?   If you get it over with, you can then learn to master it.

And then, well, you can work on the next lesson.

Life is for living, life is for learning, life is for opening to love.  Even the love that scares the crap out of you.

But don’t worry.   You have all the time in the world to face your fears and find the miracle of seeing through the eyes of growth, possibility and love.

The universe knows you are going to resist and will be patient until you get over yourself and learn that in the end, well, resistance is futile.