Eager Student

One of the most charming roles that women play is that of the eager student.

It may be learning about womanly skills from our mothers, about the pitfalls of relationships from our friends, about the challenges from our men, or about nature from our children, but paying rapt attention and taking in the lessons in front of us is one of the most important ways we gain power in the world.

The feminine is receptive, so receiving the knowledge that helps us understand the world better is a key part of becoming more powerful as women.   Everyone loves to be listened to, so when we become an engaged and focused audience, they find us endearing, building bonds of trust and sharing.

Being open to seeing through the eyes of another so we can learn what we have not yet seen for ourselves is a very feminine trait.   It’s the secret to how women get so smart so fast, and the secret to being a great mother, because seeing trough the eyes of your kids helps you understand them and support their growth.

Eager students are always ready to learn, looking for to new ways to see and understand.   They have an open mind and an open heart.

And for me, being an eager student is one of the pillars of the feminine approach to life.