Broken Protection

My cellphone has the same problem that I do, is broken in the same way.

I have a Moto G 2013, the first generation of that phone. I don’t use it enough have any real phone plan on it, just some pay-as-you-go that has been emptied once or twice by administrative error.

It won’t hold or take a charge.  I’ve spent a week trying to figure out the problem; faulty USB port, dying battery? Plug it in, use different cables, different chargers, get it charging but it never gets beyond 30% all that.

Drain seems to be the problem.  I have a habit of pulling it from a pocket and putting ot on charge when I come in, but one night after a tough experience in a place that was supposed to be welcoming, I just dropped my purse and left it.

With a few days of neglect, the battery completely discharged.   And that’s where the problem is.

The battery protection software in the Moto G kicks in and it becomes unable to take a full charge.  The battery is fine, but the software is messed up, the residual effects of scarcity capturing its mind.

It just can’t take a charge anymore.

After a week of challenges, maybe if I can just get the phone charged and started again, I can boot to recovery and delete its mind, allowing it to start again.  Clear the system cache, start new.

Human minds don’t work the same way.  Erasing memories has never really been a good solution for the wetware we carry inside our skull.

Maybe I can get the Moto G restarted.  After all, I had to unlock the bootloader and do tricks to make it useful in the first place.

And just last week, I had to help the balloon clown upgrade his to Lollipop.  He has lost the special circus ringtones I scraped up for him.  At some point, he did a factory reset and then wondered why he lost the special customization made for him.  Simple solutions, with unknown costs.

But my phone and I have the same problem.  We fell to zero, the protection software kicked in, and now we are blocked by it.

The fight continues.

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