Two Thousand

This is my 2000th public post on this blog.   That number doesn’t include all the drafts that never got published (over 130) or the posts I had to make private because they stepped on some toes.

Over almost ten years, I have posted well over 1,300,000 words of my writing in the attempt to understand and communicate my experience and the knowledge that I have gained.

And for some reason, reciting these facts just makes me feel very, very sad.

Trying to find a way to speak my truth in a manner that other people can hear and engage is a not a task that opens my life to new possibilities. Speaking, however clearly and elegantly, into the void may leave a legacy of smart observation, but it does not offer direct rewards.

Still, I said it, put it out there, and one person even linked to Saying It on their Twitter, allowing four of their followers to find it.

I know that I have grown, kept sane by the discipline of writing.  I understand myself and my world better.

A toast to me on two thousand entries.

I’m pretty used to drinking alone.