Work Of Caring

The work of caring is the work of playing the role that those you love need you to play in their lives.

People have the answers within them, answers you need to hear and play back in a way that reveals twists and encourages clarity.   Only their own solutions will work for them, no matter how much you are sure you have the right approach.

Starting by listening closely you merge your character and knowledge with their needs. They can’t listen to you if they don’t believe you are listening to them, can’t take on board what they don’t find respectful.   Everyone heals in their own time and their own way, even you.

The only way to encourage the loving best in them while helping them see the fearing worst they need to move beyond in them is by mirroring all of them.

The core of caring is making others them a priority in the space you commit to them.  Caring requires taking an active role of service to be in the moment with another person, as any good mom will tell you.

You can’t give more than what you have inside of you to give, can only be who you are.   Caring demands, though, that you shape your expression in a way that serves those you care for, playing a role that they need.

Yes.  Caring is just that hard.