Smashed Concrete

Oh, my love
I am here with you
seeing your heart

I am here to release your feet
from the concrete of literalness
suffering as they slog
to move even an inch forward
in the mire of mindlessness
fluttering against the vacuum
of the clueless

How do you fly
while cemented to the ground
of those who can not respond
to the tinkling lilt of beauty and brilliance?

The bulk of your body
is assigned to pull down
the lightness of your heart
as it dances through ideas and feelings
as delicate and delightful
as the sparkling stars

your feet are buried even as
your spirit struggles to soar
lifting you up
until the weight placed on your base
strains and smashes
pulling you down to dull earth
in a thumping smash

Still you try
day after day
your heart so needing to soar
where beauty and evanescence
claims freedom and grace
the shimmering motion
telling all
revelation of incandescence

Crash you go
Crash you break
Crash you deflate
pulled back to the base
by the weight they placed
to fix you down
into their own banality

Shattered you lie
flitting inside yourself
such driven beauty
straining to claim a place
in an open and fresh sky

Respect the fixing
duty and demands
struggle to comply
with leaden anchors

Oh, my love
I am here with you, seeing your heart
here to release your feet
from the concrete of literalness
reflecting and affirming
the fancy of your flights

Sever your ballast
cease the trudging
leading nowhere
assured that lightness & beauty
has always been
your gift from me