Stop Head

You need to stop living inside your damn head, you know.

I am aware of the limits of living in my head, yes.

Nobody is going to go in there to save you.  We are all out here, all living our lives.   Come out and join us.

Yes, that is something that I have tried in the past.

It’s a beautiful world!   Jump in!

You make it all sound very simple.

Of course it’s simple!   It’s the way humans have lived forever!  You are the one who seems stuck in your own damn rut!

My experience living in the world has been quite unsafe and rather erasing, though.

Really!   How has your experience living in your head been?   Do you get a lot of human enjoyment in there?   Or do you just complain about loneliness?

My connection is to something deeper.   I connect to myself, my creator, to shared stories and continuous common humanity.

And how is that working for you?   Is gazing into your own navel doing you any good?  It sure doesn’t look like it is from here.

I understand what you are saying.   I work very hard to keep gleaning the best that I can from the world.  It is important to me to keep connected.

Connected?   How does that bring you fun?  How does that bring you friends?   How does that bring you a paycheck?  It’s doing that makes things happen. not just thinking!

There has always been a role for those who see a wider picture, who focus on connection.

Their role is to serve those of us out living in the world, the people who get ‘r done!  You seem to be very stuck rather than very productive.

I believe what I offer has value.

Value is in the eyes of the market.   Are people flocking to what you offer?   Are you building an audience?   Are people telling other people about you? Are they looking to give you what they value in return for what you offer?   I suggest that they are not.

An artist is of their time, even if the world only wants what it already knows.

Just using big words doesn’t make you an artist.   Come on!  I know you are smart and all, so why don’t you just come out and use those smarts to make yourself some success in the world?   We can use you out here!

My experience with the world is that I have to enter their space, serve them, rather than getting what I need.

If you need someone to feel sorry for you, then yeah, you are never, never going to get that.  Boo hoo will never get you what you need!

I agree with that.  I work hard to focus on personal responsibility and work.   But that doesn’t mean I have the mirrors I need to affirm myself.

If you look in the mirror and don’t see what you expect, maybe your expectations are wrong.  Did you ever think of that?

Shaping my expectations has been a real focus of mine, yes.

You seem to keep digging yourself deeper and deeper into that hole of yours.   Come out and play! All of us average people can do it!  Why can’t you just let yourself go and join us?

I spent a long time getting a handle on myself and my worldview.   “Just letting myself go” feels like a loss, like I am giving up.

Okay!   You did that work, great.   But now you can loosen up and get into the swing!   Jump into the big human pool!  The water is fine!

Thank you for your kind offer.  I really appreciate that you care about me and want to see me happy.

Yo make it so damn hard for anyone to love you!   We just want to help and you stay stuck in that damn hole, not letting anyone close.

I think that I work hard to share what is important to me.  I am as clear as I can be about where I am, what I am thinking, what I need.

You want some kind of perfect engagement, getting just what you want.   That’s not what people do.  They give you what they have to give.   Reach out, take it.  Come out here and join us and we will give you what we have.

In my experience, I pay a high cost to try and be one of the gang.   It feels like I am being erased and destroyed, that what I know and what I feel get shredded.

We are here for you!   We want you to come out and join us!  It’s you who are turning your back on us, you know!   Life is simple and you are the one who wants to make it complicated!

Life is beautiful.   I agree with you.

Words!  If you really agreed with me, you would get out of that damn pit and actually live your life, not just run from it!

Can you understand my point of view?

I understand that you live in your head, cranking our reams of words that just seem to go around and around in circles.  I understand that you keep complaining that you are lonely and unhappy, but you never, never, never do anything about it.  How can you complain about starving if you never actually try the buffet?

I’m feeling quite fragile and vulnerable after my experience of life.

Get over it!   How can you ever move past those feelings if you don’t just let them go and get into the flow of real life, out here with all of us who are just trying to do the best that we can?

You are doing great.   I love hearing your stories.   It’s really wonderful for you.

You make me crazy!  It can be wonderful for you too, if you just stop being so fried!   Take some meds, do whatever you need to, but life is only out here in the real world, not in your head or in that damn basement!

Life is where you find it.

Life is where we are!  Come join us!  You just need to stop living inside your damn head!