Act On Change

Life becomes amazing when you decide that it is.

It’s not the world that has to change while you complain and carp.

It’s you that has to change, bringing a new attitude, new focus and new discipline.

Then you can be the change we wish to see in the world. Your energy can attract those who also want change, those who are also willing to act out of love.

Holding back from becoming new, resisting transformation is fine.

Whining and carping about about being stuck is not fine.  Letting your own resistance make you unhappy is not fine.

The leap to action releases progress and joy.   Active resistance of change because you want to know what choice would be perfect just creates friction and discomfort.

If you see a vision on the horizon, go towards it.   You will soon find out if it is a new home or just a mirage.   Your knowledge will expand with every new learning.

Unless you act, trying this and that, sampling and exploring, you cannot be a seeker, cannot find the power which will change the context of your worldview, turning your everyday chores into enlightened service.

The world will never change at your protest.

You can, though, become the change you need to see in the world.

But only if you stop resisting, find the discipline and do the work.

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