I Need Yes

Permission, encouragement, empowerment, whatever you call it, I need it.

For so long, I have needed yes.

Yes, you can.
Yes, you should.
Yes, you have got to try.
Yes, it is possible.
Yes, making a bold move will show you the way.
Yes, you are more than you are using now.
Yes, people will be able to see your heart, not just your service.
Yes, you are human, worthy and beautiful.Yes, you can take a tumble, get back up and carry on smarter.
Yes, your mistakes don’t define you, they just show that you are human.
Yes, what you love is reasonable, sane and healthy.
Yes, others will get the damn joke if you tell it with verve and wit.
Yes, healing is possible if you give your brokenness to God.
Yes, magic is possible.
Yes, your feminine heart came from your creator, not your sickness.
Yes, you can be for you, not just for others.
Yes, life is left for you and happiness is definitely possible.
Yes, the force is still strong in you.
Yes, your eyes are very pretty, especially when they sparkle with your wit.
Yes, you have plenty of untold stories people really want to hear.
Yes, other people’s fears don’t have to be your responsibility.
Yes, when you shine, you shine big, beautiful and compelling.
Yes, playful becomes you.
Yes, you can make tender choices and have people feel for you.
Yes, being the sweet one and not the smart one can work for you.
Yes, people will follow your lead, coming back to get more of you.
Yes, there is love in the world for you.
Yes, Callan, open the letters, open your heart, open our world.
Yes, honey, yes.

I know how to say yes to other people.

I know how to encourage, affirm and empower.   Giving permission to move beyond fear and outdated assumptions is what I do.

Right now, though, in a cold dreary March, I need to hear “yes.”   I need to have “yes” reflected back so I feel it in my bones, leaving me bold and brave.

I need, need, need, yes.