Empowerment, Destruction

Kali, the Hindu god of empowerment & change, is also the god of destruction.

How can there be change without destruction?  The Hindus figured out, a long time ago, that death is required to open then way for new life.

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die, as I have often said.  I love rebirth so much that I often try to kill my audience just so they can join in the fun.

Is there any wonder why I ended up as Cali’s namesake, blended with the Celtic “rock, powerful in battle” and the Scandinavian “flowing water?”

This came up a few days ago, and then again this morning when someone found notes for a speech I wrote in 2007.  It was about how we as change eaters — transgender is about pure transformation or it is about nothing at all, as I said in two decades ago in 1995 — hold the sacred Trans Chainsaw of Love.

Ms. Rachelle is clear: most people who call themselves shamans today have no clue.  Shamans walk through walls, destroying pretense, not just doing drumming rituals.  It is a role of immense power because it destroys in order to create.

If you really are committed to becoming new, to growth and healing, you can find me very useful.

If you just want to pay lip service to change, rationalizing and resisting, complaining the world should change rather than you, you will find me a real pain, someone to be ignored, dismissed and marginalized.  I am a teachy preacher, offering the power of transformation through connection, not a preachy preacher, offering reasons to separate from those who challenge you.

Do not seek enlightenment unless you seek it as a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond.
– Sri Ramakrishna

If your hair is on fire, I can help with a bucket, connecting sharp seeing with sharpened wisdom.   Cutting between truth and resistance is what I do, as this practice is what saved me from real pain and struggles in the world.

What I don’t do, however, is make people feel better, offering a solution to a clear problem that can be identified.  I don’t hold hands and don’t pretend to offer a quick fix.

There is a reason why ads for gyms don’t talk about getting sweaty & exhausted, and then aching the next day.    The process isn’t pretty, so they sell the sizzle, the benefits, the endorphins, the fitness, the attractiveness of a lean body.  This is why so many fitness plans fail, because unless you want it like someone with their hair on fire wants a pond, you will not have the discipline to pursue it.

Offering the sizzle, some pretty promise of results, isn’t something that I feel comfortable doing.  Owning your own choices doesn’t guarantee anything pretty, only the clarity and satisfaction of enlightenment.

I used to ask a partner if she wanted to be powerful or powerless.   She would look at me and ask “Isn’t there another choice?”   She wanted to be wild enough to have control while also being tame enough to fit in, wanted to stay comfortable by giving up control.

Empowerment and destruction are two sides of the same coin, the currency we spend to create real change in our lives and in the world.

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking were at when we created them.
— Albert Einstein.

If we want new solutions, we have to throw out the old, comfortable way of thinking.   One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results, as the old chestnut goes.   Destruction is required.  We have to live in the question and not the answer, venerating doubt & ambiguity over belief & certainty.

Yeah, I don’t really see a way to make that process sound quick, easy and fun, either.   Supporting transformation in the world will never be for the faint of heart.

I love empowerment.

I just don’t know how to achieve it without becoming new, which means you are willing to let go of what you cling to now.

And so says Kali.