Fishing Through Garbage

“You have to be willing to let things slide off your plate,” one woman entrepreneur said.   Another agreed, saying that if you are choosing what slides off, you are doing well.

“But once those things are in the garbage,” she warned, “don’t try pick them up again.   Make the choice, get the focus, pick the master to serve and move on.”

That is a very sensible plan for someone in action.   Keep your focus and your momentum, make your choices and don’t keep agonizing over them.   The past is passed, the future is where the possibilities lie.

For someone in contemplation, though, it doesn’t quite work that way.

I spend my life picking through the garbage, examining the residue of choices made and the outcome of choices not made.  I am a gleaner, fishing through what most people see as waste to find the insights, the losses, the jewels.

Business down the mainstream, focusing on the 80%, is the way to make things work in a big, developed economy.   That leaves 20% behind, though, the diverse, the different, the outliers, the queer who don’t quite fit into the conventional wisdom.

There are plenty of really good lessons and wisdom that get thrown in the trash everyday.   You can learn a great deal from looking at difference rather than focusing on consistency.  The traditions of those who live on the edges, examining and valuing the unconventional are strong and powerful.

While efficiency comes from simplification, innovation grows out of mess, the collision of ideas and memories which spark together to offer new ways to see.

I understand why many want to just throw things out and move on/

In the remainder, though, what is left behind after the easy and simple pickings are made, lies the surprising and wonderful.